Кондур Дэ Лэтуаль - Caged Baby Dragon

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Композиция: Caged Baby Dragon

Исполнитель: Кондур Дэ Лэтуаль

Длительность: 03:37

Прослушали mp3: 295

Добавлен: 2015-12-07


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Текст песни:

In the abyss, a deserted castle stands
A small sigh is lost in sound of rain
My blood that causes disturbance is doomed
My hometown is far from me
My bound body shivers
A wildfire illuminates my eyes

I'm a caged baby dragon
I howl with my hoarse voice
But I can't burn down what's binding me

If inherited power could arise
Who'd I give my bloody kiss in the dark

Why am I here?
Will I decay even unable to give what they want?
The end of sin for living

I'm a caged baby dragon
I've been waiting for the day I'll be released
If I myunplumed wings grows
I'll rip everything into pieces and fly away

Every time I cut down the thorny forest
I remember that...

Видео клип The Caged Baby Dragon By Megurine Luka

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