Snoop Dog - Candy Интенсив Анжелы Карасевой 13 мая

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Композиция: Candy (Интенсив Анжелы Карасевой 13 мая)

Исполнитель: Snoop Dog

Длительность: 04:48

Прослушали mp3: 558

Добавлен: 2017-01-07


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Текст песни:

You want 'em? I got 'em.. drippin like water 8X
Snoop Dogg over Chorus
Sticky icky icky! Ahh, ahh!
You know I got that candy.. yeah!
Boss Dogg, Snoopy D O dub
Trip.. check game
Snoop Dogg
Now-A-Later's, gum drops, jelly beans
Lollipops and triple beams
Blue carpet, yeah that's the treatment
Candy so sweet, got everybody eatin it
Bigg Snoop Dogg, I'm the star of this
So gone on and get yourself a bar of this
No change man.. gimme the bucks
The kinda candy I sell they call it deez nutz
(DEEZ NUTZ!!!) I'm almond with the caramel insides
You were playin front end with the french fries
How it feel man? What it look like?
I'm in your neighborhood, pullin on some Bud Light
Sweet and sticky, take it out the wrapper
Now put it in your mouth
To the beat of the drum, it'll be fun
and I bet you can't just eat one (Candy!)
Snoop Dogg over Chorus
Oh... candy! You want it, we got it, we got it!
Heh heh.. yeah! MC Eiht... Goldie Loc
War Zone.. who got that candy?
Come on...
MC Eiht
I'm in the hood with the six-trey candy paint
Lil' somethin to chunk, make the hoes all faint
If you know when to beep, jump my baby rate
When I grip round her butt, I hold her steady
Yeah.. she my one and only
Quick to keep back haters who don't know me
I... feel... good about candy (Candy!)
My gangstas understand me
Goldie Loc
Shake it baby, don't break it baby, now can you make it clap? (clap!)
Tryna fit this work in your gap (gap!)
Drop it like it water pagoda, get my hustle on
I get it from you then I step on you to bubble on
It's gettin sweeter than a sugar cane
Here come that sugar daddy, black, rollin on gold thangs
Fo'shigiddy, he turned it into somethin, boy
'Cause I can't leave this filthy game without my Almond Joy (Candy!)
Snoop Dogg over Chorus
Ooohhhwwweee! Heh heh heh, yeah!
It's so tasty! Aiyyo Daz! Kurupt!
DPG! I know y'all got that candy man!
Gimme some of that candy man
Talk to me one time! For real, for real...
Daz Dillinger
"It's like candy, candy!"
Get it how you want it
Whip it, twist it, pop your whip up on the corner
While I, taadow, check out this bizarre
The D-A-T the N-I double G, the D-A-Z
Again it's up in the wind, feel the breeze for shit
God damn! You already know who I am
Chrome on chrome, blue on blue, frost colors switches
Hit the gas, hit the brake, y'all really burn rubber?
Dip, drop, drop, dip
Stop, dip, ghost ride the whip!

Yeah, nigga.. shot caller
It's America's number one baller
Man I don't give a fuck.. like, "Fuck it"
High riders.. slide in the bucket
Little momma all up on a nigga like a coat
I got the perfect thang that'll coat her throat (Candy!)

Chorus w/ two extra lines

Snoop Dogg over Chorus
Candy! So tasty.. candy, candy!
Yeah! Ha ha! Yeah nigga, we got that candy man
We don't sell it at the liquor store either man
We sell it everywhere we go
Holla, holla! (Candy!)

Three thousand motherfuckin pieces, you understand me?
I wish a motherfucker would come in this motherfucker
If I see Suge right now, I'd tell him, "Hey, how you doin Suge?"
*laughing* I didn't even know you were standing there nigga
My bad!

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