Patrick Doyle - Magic Works

Magic Works Patrick Doyle
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Композиция: Magic Works

Исполнитель: Patrick Doyle

Длительность: 04:01

Прослушали mp3: 572

Добавлен: 2015-05-05


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Текст песни:

Jason Buckle "Magic Works" (Harry Potter and the Hoblet of Fire)

And dance your final dance
This is your final chance
To hold the one you love
You know you've waited long enough


Believe that magic works
Don't be afraid
Of bein' hurt
Don't let this magic die
The answer's there
Oh, just look in her eyes

And make
Your final move
Mmm, don't be scared
She wants you too
Yeah, it's hard
You must be brave
Don't let this moment slip the way

Believe that magic works
Don't be afraid
Afraid of bein' hurt
No, don't let this magic die
Ooh, the answer's there
Yeah, just look in her eyes

And don't believe that magic can die
No, no, no, this magic can't die
So dance, your final dance.
'Cause this is, your final chance.

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