Outkast - Hey ya!

Hey ya! Outkast
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Композиция: Hey ya!

Исполнитель: Outkast

Длительность: 03:55

Прослушали mp3: 410

Добавлен: 2015-06-16


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Текст песни:

My baby don't mess around
Because she loves me so
And this I know fa sho (Uh!)
But does she really wanna
But can't stand to see me walk out the do'
Don't try to fight the feeling
'Cause the thought alone
Is killing me right now (Uh!)
Thank God for Mom and Dad
For sticking two together
'Cause we don't know how

Hey Ya...

You think you've got it
Oh, you think you've got it
But got it just don't get it
Til theres's nothing at all (Ah!)
We get together
Oh, we get together
But separate's always better
When there's feelings involved (Oh!)
If what they say is 'nothing is forever,'
Then what makes...
Love the exception?
So why oh, why oh
Why oh, why oh, why oh
Are we so in denial
When we know we're not happy here?

Hey Ya...

Hey! Alright now!
Alright now, fellas! (Yeah!)
Now what's cooler than being cool? (Ice cold!)
I can't hear ya!
I say what's, what's cooler than being cool?
(Ice cold!)
Alright! (15x)

Okay now, ladies! (Yeah!)
Now we gon' break this thing
down in just a few seconds
Now don't have me break this thing down for nothin!
Now I wanna see ya'll on ya'll baddest behavior!
Lend me some sugar!
I am your neighbor!
Ah! Here we go! Uh!

Shake it, sh-shake it (Oh oh!)..

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