Мирбек Атабеков& Бактыгуль - happy end

happy end Мирбек Атабеков& Бактыгуль
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Композиция: happy end

Исполнитель: Мирбек Атабеков& Бактыгуль

Длительность: 03:25

Прослушали mp3: 487

Добавлен: 2015-03-27


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Текст песни:

Everything that I can't erase now,
May be that is hurting me just for this moment.
Baby, believe me, can you forgive me?
All the pain that I caused and left your heart broken.
Why can't you just come back and leave everything?
I don't wanna hurt you again and again!
May be it is time that'll make me stronger,
I just don't wanna, I just don't wanna fall...

And I feel that I'm falling (with you),
I can see how we're falling deep inside.
Can we tell that it's over?
Love is all we've got, it will take us till the end...
Could it be that we won't get (get a chance)?
Could it be that we forget (about our plans)?
I don't think that it's over,
Please don't kill our love.
I believe in happy end!!!

Everything that we have created,
That is all our love and we cannot erase that.
Everytime when I see you crying,
I can understand, that I'm not even trying.
Trying to believe, that my love is the strongest,
Try to understand, that I'm not even worth it!
All that I can say, is I'm a bad guy.
You're not a bad guy, you are the best one for me!

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