MC Xander - ахуенцик брейк данс

ахуенцик брейк данс MC Xander
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Композиция: ахуенцик брейк данс

Исполнитель: MC Xander

Длительность: 05:04

Прослушали mp3: 337

Добавлен: 2015-12-08


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Текст песни:

We gotta face it head on this time and I’m touching base with the moving inner eye,
Farewell brother, we gotta go, Got to open the mind, touch the plateau.
When I journey to the base of this pain I place the blame on the one who holds my name and no-one else, deal with the cards I’ve been dealt, I’m about to follow what I’ve always felt.
I got the spinning conspiracies evoked close to me, one mans delusion is one mans satori, well I’m feeling the third eye presence, bright luminescence, my hands are shaking with the outside essence.
Enough muse on my recent demise, we got the way and the means so we rise, consciously, into the ether. If you remain true to yourself they will be believe you.

I hold this close to me, you gotta know I hold this close to me.

Now elevate up to a place mundane, without the pulse of fear pushing terror to my brain, they can keep their backward mindset I’ll defect and show the world what I’m seeing yet.
Learning to expose the lie, we are falling to another dawning I hear the warning sign as calamity clamours for popularity I’m left trying to justify why I can hear the poem like a rhapsody, you can never tear down the factory, you can never know why the ghetto vibrates I contemplate placing normality. You say I want to hold this close to me, well I’m wearing these words like a rosary as we’re moving deep inside, moving into the bright white light.

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