Marc Cherry - Отчаянные домохозяйки

Отчаянные домохозяйки Marc Cherry
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Композиция: Отчаянные домохозяйки

Исполнитель: Marc Cherry

Длительность: 01:19

Прослушали mp3: 424

Добавлен: 2015-12-06


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Текст песни:

Name a place, pick any little town
There will be a street or two where something's going down
Where the mood is cheerier but eerier
And something like Wisteria Lane

People smile but everyone's on guard
More than just the grass is greener in the neighbour's yard
Rich or poor or dreary or superior
It's more or less Wisteria Lane

All those secrets no one ever knows
Tell one secret, watch it as it grows
Name a place, pick any little road
You may call it Maple Street or Main
Call it what you will
It's Wisteria Lane!

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