Magicka 2 - Karaoke Singalong Trailer

Karaoke Singalong Trailer Magicka 2
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Композиция: Karaoke Singalong Trailer

Исполнитель: Magicka 2

Длительность: 01:40

Прослушали mp3: 293

Добавлен: 2015-12-10


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Текст песни:

Baby I've got a plan for you,
It's something you can do alone
or do with friends too,
it involves a pod of wizards,
and a goblin ot two,
but if you're openminded
then this is for you.

Magika 2, Magika 2,
spellcasting for red
and humor for blue.
With working netcode,
and more stuff to do,
killing friends is better
In Magika 2!

Magika 2, Magika 2,
For Playstation 4,
and the PC too.

You thought it was over,
how silly of you!
Tell all of your friends about Magika 2!

So what do you think,
does this game look good?
Do you enjoy wizards
maybe more than you should?

A gamepad is supported
and the critters are wood.
Come on now,
Don your robe and your hood!

I put on my robe
and my wizard hat,
in the last trailer
we blew up a cat!
I sincerely hope that
you aren't upset about that,
but to make it up to you
we've got(game changing) artifacts!

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