Hi-Fi - солдатская плясовая

солдатская плясовая Hi-Fi
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Композиция: солдатская плясовая

Исполнитель: Hi-Fi

Длительность: 03:42

Прослушали mp3: 470

Добавлен: 2017-02-03


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Текст песни:

"Call me Misha"

Someone went up of the screen
Burrow young the leg the stow
Seem is on the wearied no man
After so was so was brick
Once upon a time you know me
Some where you've loosed my head
Cause this act to sing a song.

Once upon a time оf magic
It was many years ago (That's a far away)
You said call you simply Misha (Call me simply Misha)
I said you to tell me more
You said you are very crazy
I said you I'm crazy too (That's a far away)
Then you said you really love me
And I said I love you too

Someone went up of the screen
Understand it's not the so worm
Are you seeing you're up the street
You've just turned up make disturb
I may say to you "Hello"
As you see I fan my hair
How was made you sing a song.

Once upon a time imagine
I might say to you "Hello" (That's a far away)
Do you know where's simple Misha? (Call me simply Misha)
What's about your real love.
I'm nice to see you Misha
You've become a businessman
But for me you're always Misha (Always simply Misha)
You will ever love that fool.

Видео клип «Сибирские Узоры» - Солдатская плясовая. 2015г.

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