Belinda Carlisle - La Luna

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Композиция: La Luna

Исполнитель: Belinda Carlisle

Длительность: 04:10

Прослушали mp3: 583

Добавлен: 2016-08-02


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Текст песни:

I remember when I met you
All the stars were hanging in mid-air
in those moments - nothing mattered
But the way you caught me in your stare
We were walking - we were talking
We were laughing about the state of our lives
How our fates brought us together
As the moon was rising in your eyes

On and on the night was falling
Deep down inside us
On and on a light was shining right through

Ah la Luna la Luna
The night that we fell under the spell of the moon
Ah la Luna la Luna
The light that will being me back to you
The light of la Luna

In the hotels, in the cafes
All the world was mad with romance
In the harbor, moonlit water
All the ships were swaying in a dance
Then you held me and you kissed me
And I knew I had to be with you
You didn't ask me, you just took me
to the tiny bed in your tiny room

On and on the band was playing
A song of surrender
On and on the sun would soon break thru

Repeat chorus.

Now I wald along the streets of Marseille
the winter sky is cold and grey
and I don't know why I left you that day
And I don't know where you are

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